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365 Local Business Circle

A strong community is everyone’s business. Your investment ensures that United Way of Hampshire County can connect the wealth of resources, expertise, creativity and passion in our community to create opportunities for everyone to thrive. And that’s good for your business.

For a minimum of a dollar a day, or $365 a year, your business becomes a member of the 365 Local Business Circle and helps strengthen our community. United Way of Hampshire County has created an easy, affordable, and effective way for local businesses to get visibility for doing good.


There are several simple ways to join other area businesses in this collective investment in our community while increasing your business’ visibility and strengthening customer loyalty. Make a gift through one or more of these options:


Make an investment that matches your community spirit with your bottom line. Giving $365 will make your business a 365 Local Business Circle Member.

“DOWNTOWN LIVES UNITED” DAY is a Saturday in late October.

Create an in-store benefit or promotional event that invites your customers to LIVE UNITED. Donate a percentage of sales or proceeds from a special item purchase that equals to $365 or more. UWHC will work with you to generate ideas.

Local businesses who contribute at least a dollar a day- or $365 a year- through any investment option enjoy the following benefits designed to visibly promote your community commitment to your customers and constituents.

  • 365 Local Business Circle Member decal
  • 365 Local Business logo in a format for web or print media
  • Listing and link on UWHC’s website
  • Listing in UWHC Campaign Report
  • Recognition by local Chambers of Commerce
  • Free Thank You group ad highlighting your membership in a local newspaper

By participating in this event, you’ll receive additional benefits. DOWNTOWN LIVES UNITED is a one day in-store benefit event or sales promotion that invites your customers to be a part of the LIVE UNITED movement. You can donate a percentage of sales or proceeds of a special item. Downtown Northampton participates in a city-wide day in late Autumn. UWHC will work with you to design a promotion for your business. Benefits include:

  • LIVE UNITED Buttons for employees
  • Thank you cards for customers
  • Window display poster
  • United Way stickers for your shopping bags
  • Promotion on UWHC Social Media channels
  • Marketing and Promotion of the event