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Donor Designation Policy

Donor Designation Policy

United Way of Hampshire County offers its donors the option to direct their gifts to eligible non-profit organizations of their choice.

Our donor designation policies strive to balance the wishes of donors for autonomous charitable giving and our commitment to responding to the community’s most pressing needs.

How to Designate

Donors may make a designated contribution to any eligible 501(c)(3) organization by writing the name and address of the organization on the pledge form. Anyone making a gift without a pledge form may include this information in an accompanying written document.

Designee Eligibility and Disbursement

An agency must serve western Massachusetts, be registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and have 501(c)(3) status. Designations that do not meet eligibility requirements will be allocated to the UWHC Community Fund. Designees are notified of their total net designations after the close of the campaign at the end of the UWHC fiscal year in June. Designations are disbursed on a regular basis in the following fiscal year.

Minimum Designation Amount

A minimum gift of $100 per designation is required. Any gift or pledge below this amount will be treated as a gift to the UWHC Community Fund.

UWHC Funded Partners

United Way of Hampshire County offers individual donors the opportunity to designate to any of our funded agencies. Under what’s known as the “First Dollars In” method, these donor designations make up a portion of partner agency’s overall funding awards, with the remainder granted in Community Fund dollars. As such, funds are not awarded above and beyond the partner’s annual funding award, unless the sum of such designations exceeds the annual award.

Partner awards are determined through UWHC’s intensive Community Investment Process, and are for a period of three years. Use of the “First Dollars In” method allows UWHC to make investments in essential community services that are sustained, consistent and provides stability over the three-year period.

Unaffiliated Agencies

Your gift may be directed to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit agencies that are not United Way of Hampshire County partner organizations. Please note, though, that UWHC does not have the same ability to attest to their organizational effectiveness and efficiency since these organizations are not bound to UWHC’s comprehensive reporting obligations.

Administration and Fundraising Expenses

All effective organizations incur expenses for administration and fundraising. Funds forwarded to agencies are based on actual collections net of the administrative and fundraising expense. United Way of Hampshire County does NOT retain a fee for gifts to other United Ways or to our funded partners. UWHC will retain a processing fee of 18% for any other designated gift.