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UWHC Diaper Drive

The United Way of Hampshire County's 2018 Diaper Drive will run between August 1st and August 29th!

What is Diaper Need?
Diaper need is the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to make sure babies and toddlers remain clean, dry and healthy. 1 in 3 American families reports experiencing diaper need. Diapers are a basic need for all babies and their families, yet some care givers are not able to provide enough diapers to get through the day.

Why is it important?
Infants and Toddlers need about 8 to 12 diapers per day. Diapers can cost over $100 per month, per child. Because of this, many families decide between changing a diaper or paying a utility bill or buying food each month. Food Stamps and WIC cannot be used to buy diapers even though diapers are a basic need for infants and toddlers.

How can you help?
Stop by one of our Diaper Drop Off locations (list below) and drop off a box of disposable diapers or some wipes.  The sizes that are most needed are 4,5,and 6. Pull-Up training pants are helpful too! Our goal this year is 25,000 diapers and 25,000 wipes! Please help us wipe out diaper need by making a donation today!

Where do the diapers and wipes go?
All of the diapers and wipes collected will go to some of our amazing partner agencies who have their own diaper banks for families in need:
-Amherst Survival Center
-Easthampton Community Center
-Northampton Survival Center in Northampton & Goshen
-It Takes a Village
-Jubilee Cupboard at Trinity Episcopal Church in Ware

Drop Off Locations:

A Child's Garden                                                                               204 Main Street, Northampton

All Saints Church                                                                              North Street, Ware

Amherst Survival Center                                                                  138 Sunderland Road, Amherst

Big Y                                                                                                136 N King Street, Northampton

Big Y                                                                                                University Drive, Amherst

Big Y                                                                                               10 College Hwy Rt 10, Southampton

Big Y                                                                                               148 West Street, Ware

Big Y                                                                                                44 Willimansett St., South Hadley

Cooley Dickinson                                                                           30 Locust Street, Northampton

Dale Frank Insurance                                                                      2 Amherst Road, Sunderland

Easthampton Community Center                                                    12 Clark Street, Easthampton

Easthampton Savings Bank- Agawam                                           770 Main Street, Agawam

Easthampton Savings Bank- Belchertown                                      40 State Street, Belchertown

Easthampton Savings Bank- Easthampton 1                                  241 Northampton Street, Easthampton

Easthampton Savings Bank- Easthampton 2                                  36 Main Street, Easthampton

Easthampton Savings Bank- Hadley                                              100 East Street, Hadley

Easthampton Savings Bank- Northampton 1                                  297 King Street, Northampton

Easthampton Savings Bank- Northampton 2                                  21 Locust Street, Northampton

Easthampton Savings Bank- South Hadley                                    605 Granby Road uth Hadley

Easthampton Savings Bank- Southampton                                    134 College Highway, Southampton

Easthampton Savings Bank-Westfield                                            85 Broad Street, Westfield
Fitness Factory                                                                                Ware Millyard, Ware

Forbes Library                                                                                20 West Street, Northampton

GoBerry                                                                                          28 Amity Street #1, Amherst

Hampshire County Jail                                                                   205 Rocky Hill Road, Northampton

Hampshire Regional YMCA                                                         286 Prospect Street, Northampton

Jubilee Cupboard                                                                          20 Park Street, Ware

Northampton Survival Center                                                       265 Prospect Street, Northampton

Northampton Survival Center                                                       40 Main St., Goshen
Monson Savings Bank                                                                  West Street, Ware
St. Mary’s Church                                                                          South Street, Ware

Stop and Shop Amherst                                                                440 Russell Street, Amherst

Stop and Shop Northampton                                                         228 King Street, Northampton

TDBank Amherst MA                                                                  243 Triangle Street, Amherst

TDBank Northampton, MA                                                         175 Main Street, Northampton

The Toy Box                                                                               201 N Pleasant Street, Amherst

The Village Closet                                                                      2 Main Street, Cummington

Thornes Market                                                                          150 Main Street, Northampton
United Church of Ware                                                              Church Street, Ware

WalMart Northampton                                                               180 N King Street, Northampton

WalMart Ware                                                                             352 Palmer Road, Ware

Westhampton Congregational Church                                       1 Tob Hill Road, Westhampton
Wilton’s Children’s Store                                                           Ware Millyard,Ware