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Frequently Asked Questions

I already give to charity. Why should I give to United Way and not just directly to agencies?

You should give to United Way if you want to:
Support a network of organizations that work together to address the complex issues in our community.
Have a meaningful impact, because United Way monitors funded partner programs to ensure they are efficient, follow sound fiscal policies and achieve meaningful impact.
Fund organizations that meet our community’s immediate needs, while also laying the foundation for positive long-term change.
Help our partner agencies to leverage public and private funding, multiplying the effect of your contribution.
Join forces with others who also want to make a difference – lifting together we are stronger.

How is my gift invested?

When you give to United Way, you take advantage of our unique ability to assess local needs and understand our community’s particular challenges.  This gives you the confidence of knowing that your support goes where it can make the greatest difference.  Your contribution is invested in 35 innovative programs and initiatives that are advancing financial security, promoting health and safety, and building a positive future for children and youth.

What are the advantages of giving through payroll deduction at my workplace

It’s convenient – you decide what to contribute and it comes right out of your paycheck, in an amount that you determine.
It’s secure and confidential.
It’s efficient – low administrative costs means more money is invested in our community.

I never use agency services, so why should I give?

Giving to the United Way makes it possible for everyone in our community to lead lives of fulfillment and accomplishment. With nearly 30,000 local beneficiaries, our partner programs are reaching your friends and neighbors.  And when their lives improve, we all benefit.

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