give back a spoonful at a time

Your purchase of Jeff’s Granola (from River Valley Coop) helps United Way

Jeff Greim, founder of Jeff’s Granola.

Jeff Greim, founder of Jeff’s Granola.

Jeff’s Granola is pleased to be a partner and supporter of United Way of Hampshire County. All profits generated from the sales of Jeff’s Granola products at the River Valley Coop in Northampton, MA are donated directly to this charitable organization. This partnership, entering its third year, has already resulted in a total of over $1700 in donations to United Way.

About Jeff’s Granola

Jeff’s Granola is a social enterprise exploring how you can support the charities you love by purchasing the things you love. By weaving together good granola with good deeds, this brand makes it easy for individuals to support their favorite charities. Previously known as Your Choice Brands, the company was founded in 2012 by Jeff Greim, a non-profit professional and former graduate professor with nearly three decades of experience in philanthropy. Inspired by Newman’s Owns’ philanthropic business model, Jeff decided to take the idea a step further. Jeff’s Granola donates 100% of its after-tax profits to the favorite 501(c)3 charities of its partners and its customers.