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Lindsay Barron, Campaign Co-Chair

Applied Mortgage

I was born and raised in Hampshire County and fortunate enough to continue my professional life and personal life into adulthood here, as well. My favorite part about the community is the strong personal connections among community members. We value our neighbors and that safety net is apparent. The United Way embodies this belief by focusing on the needs of the community and listening to the community funding those partner agencies who truly meet those needs. The United Way strengthens those community bridges that I experienced in my childhood here and have continued to experience into adulthood. I intend to continue that tradition into future generations community-minded leaders.

This year as a part of the Board, I am excited to learn about the strategies in place for fundraising and also for allocating funds to organizations. I'm interested in new strategies of fundraising and how to capture the millennial generation both on the donor and volunteer spectrum. I look forward to bringing new perspective when needed, but also learning the way the United Way has built such a strong foundation of support over the years.

United Way is a low risk-high reward organization to donate to. By giving to United Way of Hampshire County, you are funding the community safety net through vetted organizations and can be assured your money used to most effectively help the needs of those across the community.