Diaper Drive in Full Swing

Geoff flex's diaper muscles.jpg

Thousands of diapers are pouring in for the Diaper Drive from over 50 sites across Hampshire County. “Community support for the drive just keeps growing,” says Geoff Naunheim, Community Investment Manager at United Way of Hampshire County. “Just yesterday, we received over 700 diapers anonymously.”

Business support has been inspirational. Radio personality Trumpy and Hits 94.3 and WHMP have provided radio air time. Regional banks—bankESB, Greenfield Savings Bank, and TD Bank—have stepped up, and Health New England provided a wonderful donation.

“And that doesn’t include our other important partners like Hampshire Regional YMCA, Cooley Dickinson Health Care , Big Y. Thornes Marketplace, and Stop and Shop,” says Naunheim.

He goes on, talking about the businesses that heard about the drive and asked to participate, like Freckled Fox and 50/50 Fitness. F45 Hampshire Meadows is running a diaper fundraiser for its members in honor of the gym’s one year anniversary.

“It’s wonderful,” says Naunheim.

Not having enough diapers impacts 1 in 3 families. Naunheim explains that the donations make a big difference to the families who need them. “No family,” says Nauheim, “should have to decide between buying diapers or food.”

This year’s goal is 25,000 diapers, a goal Naunheim believes can be exceeded.

United Way of Hampshire County, partner agencies, and state legislators are looking at long-term solutions to this persistent need. This includes bills, such as Rep. Mindy Domb’s diaper benefits pilot program, starting regional diaper banks, and finding more green diaper alternatives.

In the meantime, Naunheim stresses, we need the diaper drive because a lot of our neighbors need diapers.

Find out more at https://www.uwhampshire.org/diaper-drive