Rally & Engage Your Employees

Employees want community engagement and we rely on employers to help champion change. Your commitment to the mission of United Way of Hampshire County bolsters our success, which in turn changes more lives for the better.

Your support of United Way is valuable to us because you and your employees are offering your support in time, talent, and treasure. You can lead by example, helping us to strengthen the work we do for people in need in our midst.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

We can help you:

  • Realize a corporate social responsibility plan that focuses around leading a workplace campaign. Your employees may choose to volunteer in one of our partner programs, or donate—or both.

  • Learn firsthand about Hampshire County’s more urgent needs and how you can empower change.

  • Provide a rewarding team-building experience for your staff while assisting area nonprofits you care most about.

  • Instill organizational and community pride in your employees.

Many Ways to Help

There are varied ways to become part of our team:

  • Run a workplace campaign. Leading a United Way workplace campaign gives you and your employees an opportunity to donate, volunteer, and support social and cultural initiatives that matter to your team individually and as a whole. 

  • Make a corporate gift. Highlight your organization’s values, and boost employee pride. 

  • Make individual gifts. Employees can make gifts beyond the workplace campaign, which count towards the overall workplace contribution. 

  • Sponsor an annual United Way event. Standing up for United Way will uniquely position your organization as a community leader. Sponsor one, or both, of our two annual events—our fall Campaign Kick-off and spring Annual Celebration. 

  • Donate stocks, securities. Giving appreciated securities you have owned for more than a year may provide benefits to you as well as United Way.

  • Offer a product or service. We appreciate and graciously accept in-kind donations of local products and services.

Run a Successful Campaign

No matter the size or commitment, setting up and running a campaign is simple. We are here to help you at every step of the way.

  • Recruit a strong team to lead your United Way campaign. Select a chair or co-chairs. Consider setting goals for employee participation and pledges.

  • Share the United Way story with all employees, and show them how they can bring about change. Educate employees by hosting meaningful presentations by United Way staff and leaders of United Way-funded partners.

  • Ask everybody to give what they can. Offer a year-round payroll deduction plan to employees.

  • Thank everyone for giving and educate them on how they can stay involved all year. 

Become a Pacesetter

Our Pacesetters commit to running a workplace campaign between Aug. 1 and Oct. 31—ahead of the typical campaign calendar. Being a Pacesetter allows you greater ability to raise awareness of your philanthropic work as you’ll be out in front of the pack. You have an opportunity to spark enthusiasm and build momentum as you also enjoy greater visibility as a United Way leader.

Start a Workplace Campaign

United Way sponsors help cover various overhead costs of our operations which ensures the money raised through our efforts can be used to directly support the community.

Please contact us to conduct a workplace campaign.