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The United Way of Hampshire County (UWHC) has invited sixteen organizations to submit applications for its Economic Security grant area. This comes after twenty-seven organizations took part in grant information sessions and nineteen submitted Letters of Intent to apply.

Grant resources will support diverse and inclusive initiatives that improve financial wellness for people in Hampshire County. Three-year funding awards will range from $10,000 to $45,000 per year.  UWHC will invest roughly $900,000 in this program area over the award period.  UWHC prioritizes its efforts in three program areas: Children, Youth & Their Families; Health & Safety; and Economic Security.

Applications will be scored by a team of thirty volunteer reviewers, made up of donors, community members, business owners, civic leaders and people with content expertise related to Economic Security needs.  Their work will guide the decisions of the UWHC Board of Directors and its Community Investment committee.

UWHC’s grant-making for 2017-2018 focus will focus on its Health & Safety program area; 2018-2019 will focus on Children Youth & Their Families.